Britney Spears hates working out

Pop icon Britney Spears says that she has a hard time when it comes to her working out, as she is not a fan of that part of her day. At 29 years old, Spears believes that it becomes hard to exercise when you start losing your motivation.

After touring the entire world since June in order to promote her new album, Femme Fatale, Britney looks more in shape than ever before. However, a hot body is maintained with a lot of sweat. And it’s not that Britney has something against sweat when she works out. It’s the fact that she doesn’t like to work out, particularly in the morning. Recently, she confessed to UK’s “Stylist” why she finds it so hard to get to work. “Sometimes it’s hard to be motivated” she says, after admitting not hitting the gym for two weeks. “But once you get up and do it you feel like you’ve conquered the world” the singer added.

Motivation is something she need even before a concert performance. So what she does in those situations is listen to “a lot of hip-hop” in her dressing room, while she gets ready to step on the stage. Sometimes she listens to “rock stuff like Aerosmith”.

To an extreme, Britney admits that one day, she would like to try skydiving.  But until then, she is indulging herself, once in a while, in something sweet. Chocolate is, by far, her favorite. And of it, she seems to prefer chocolate bars, such as Snickers and Twix.
We are not worried about Britney’s weight. Her stage performances are so frequent and so energy-consuming that it would be hard putting pounds on, even if she stuffs herself with Snickers and Twix and M&Ms.

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