British Police To Monitor Social Media Websites In Advance or Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral

The death of the former Conservative Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, has triggered compassionate reactions, as well as unexpected bursts of joy on behalf of her opponents. Given the recent riots, the British police announced on Thursday that social media websites will be monitored in advance of the Baroness’ funeral to prevent other outbreaks of violence, the Daily Telegraph reports.

The late Baroness Margaret Thatcher will be buried next Wednesday during a state funeral ceremony. The event might be disturbed by protestors, whom police officers will closely watch during the ceremony. Commander Christine Jones, who is in charge of the operation, confirmed the news that the British police will monitor all the activity registered on social media websites during the days preceding the funeral.

Authorities have resorted to this measure after numerous outbreaks of violence have taken place in the days following the former Prime Minister’s death. Protestors in Brixton and Bristol “celebrated” the Baroness’ death by organizing violent street parties. Officers have reasons to believe that similar events have been planned Saturday, as well as, Wednesday, the day when the funeral ceremony is set. Rapid response units will be deployed, so riots could be put off as soon as they start. Moreover, plain clothes officers will be patrolling the streets and violent protests will be recorded so the police can later on identify the culprits.

Rumor has it that a major protest could take place this Saturday in Trafalgar Square. Anarchists plan to re-enact the poll tax riots by hanging an effigy of the former prime minister. The British police is, therefore, gathering online information to make sure that the macabre “party” doesn’t become violent. The MPS will, nevertheless, apply moderate measures because they don’t want to repeat the 2011 episode. The authority was highly criticized back then because they pre-emptively arrested people to ensure the safety of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their wedding ceremony.


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