Brides-To-Be Use $1,500 Feeding Tube To Lose Weight

Prep work for the wedding is nothing but challenging and all brides-to-be seem to be dealing with a lot more than what they can handle. Not only do they have to put together the whole wedding but many undertake gruesome tricks to lose weight with the sole purpose to fit a breathtaking dress for one day. A new technique is getting a lot of focus lately, as brides-to-be start using $1,500 feeding tube to lose weight.

I’m sure that most of the women that haven’t yet scheduled a date for the wedding will argue that you’ve got to be pretty desperate to put a feeding tube through your nose to lose weight. But many of the brides that have only a few weeks until it’s time to fit in the dress like a goddess are likely to disagree.

New York Times presented the procedure as “the newest diet to reach the United States”. Promoted and implemented by Dr. Oliver R. Di Pietro, the feeding tube allows brides-to-be to lose weight just in time for the wedding. The procedure doesn’t seem particularly friendly, but when the wedding day is just around the corner, I guess you have to consider all options.

The feeding tube that seems to be so successful among brides-to-be goes through the nose and down the esophagus until it reaches the stomach. Through it, doctors provide the necessary nourishment for 10 days, during which brides-to-be drop kilos and aren’t taking in any carbohydrates.

Di Pietro explains that the feeding tube works because it is based on ketosis, a state your body enters to burn fat. Now don’t imagine the actual diet is easy. Constipation, dizziness and bad breath are common side effects.

Many specialists in the field aren’t very much impressed with Dr. Di Pietro’s low caloric diet. Dr. Shikora told NY Times that any caloric limited diet will help you lose weight, but the feeding tube makes this one particularly more interesting. But, as Dr. Shikora explains “it doesn’t matter if it’s through a tube, a straw, a meal plan. They all work, if someone goes from 3,000 calories a day to 800”.

Anyway, most health experts say that brides-to-be should start their weight losing program ahead of time instead of waiting for last resort diets. But in the end, it’s up to brides-to-be to choose their own “poison”.

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  1. Why stop at a feeding tube? Why not walk around with an IV? Maybe hook up electrodes to your head to shock your brain whenever you think of food? Hey, self lipo-surgery sounds good too.

    Seems what people really need is a little discipline and common sense.

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