Brick Mansions Trailer Reveals Paul Walker’s Last Complete Movie

Unfortunately, Paul Walker died last year. Now, the actor can be seen in his last complete movie, Brick Mansions. The trailer for this movie has just been released. 

Brick Mansions promises to be a very interesting movie. The movie that Paul worked at before his death actually is the story of an undercover cop who fights gangsters in Detroit. In the movie, Paul Walker plays the role of Damien. 

The situation has become so critical that the band of gangsters keeps the entire city in terror. In fact, they held hostages the major and half of the city, willing to blow up the entire area. Damien needs to infiltrate in the gang with the purpose to destroy the device they plan on using to destroy the whole city. 

Tremaine is the leader of the gang and Damien’s biggest rival. But, he cannot access him, as Tremaine never leaves Brick Mansions, which naturally are filled with guards who never let anyone pass, check points existing almost at each step. 

Even from the start of the movie, Damien will get help from Lino, a character played with David Belle. As Lino’s girlfriend is in the hands of Tremaine, the man is willing to do anything to get her back safe. 

As expected, Paul Walker had an amazing performance in this movie and without a doubt all fans are going to appreciate it. Moreover, this is the last time when Paul Walker fans will be able to see their favorite actor in a complete movie. 

Paul Walker can also be seen in the upcoming Fast and Furious 7, as producers of the famous movie franchise claimed that they will use the movie parts they were able to film with Walker before his tragic death. 

Paul Walker died on November 30, 2013, after a fatal car accident. The accident occurred when Walker went for a spin with a friend in his new Porsche GT. The friend was driving the vehicle. 

As fans from all over the world are going to miss Paul Walker, the new movie will offer them the possibility to see their favorite star acting once again. 

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