Brian Austin Green to Receive Spousal support from Megan Fox

The separation of Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox has surely been one of the most shocking news of the week. The pair’s divorce was not expected and actually Brian and Megan have always seemed to be a happy couple. However, it seems that things ended between the two. Now, reports claimed that most likely, Brian Austin will get spousal support from his ex-wife. 

The divorce papers were officially filed by Megan, who cited as the reason for the separation “irreconcilable differences.” The actress also sought the joint physical and legal custody of their two sons. Sources claimed that because Megan makes much more money than her former husband, the actress will have to pay Brian spousal support. 

According to TMZ, Brian has actually been in the impossibility to work too much, following an accident that occurred at the end of 2014. The actor and his now ex-wife were involved in a car crash caused by a drunk driver. Reportedly, due to the accident, Brian was diagnosed with vertigo. This means that he is unable to work and actually needs to receive support from Megan. 

When it comes to the separation, some insiders claimed that the two have actually ended their relationship about six months ago. The reason for the divorce was said to be the fact that Megan was focusing too much on her career and her husband wanted her to spend more time with the family. However, the actress has always put a lot of efforts into acting, so she was not ready to give that up. 

“She was overwhelmed with the children and her husband’s expectations, which got in the way of work responsibilities,” a source said, adding that the two have gotten into many arguments about Megan’s schedule. 

Allegedly, Brian and Megan have not signed a prenup before their marriage, so the two are expected to divide their assets equally. However, the split was said to be amicable, while some sources claimed that the two still love each other, so maybe there will be no scandal linked to this separation.

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