Brian Austin Green Confirms Third Baby

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are going to welcome another child together. So, Megan is expecting her third child with her former husband. And it seems that the two are not going to reconcile, despite the fact that they will become parents once again. 

Megan and Brian filed for divorce back in August and after the new pregnancy news emerged, it has been reported that the two were getting back together. However, now it seems that Brian and Megan have no intentions to stop the divorce proceedings. Still, Brian decided to stop the rumors on the paternity of the upcoming baby, confirming for People that he is the father. 

Brian also claimed that the pregnancy was not planned. However, it seems that the two actors are happy to have another baby. “You know, nothing is planned,” the actor said. “None of them are ever planned. You kind of just go with it.” The actor also said that having three children “is crazy.” “At my age, to be having three babies, is crazy,” the star claimed. “I’ll be 43 this year.” 

Before ending their marriage, Brian and Megan have been a couple for no less than 11 years. The pair cited as the reason of their separation “irreconcilable differences.” However, exactly what determined the breakup was not revealed. Well, regardless of the reason why the marriage ended, it seems that Megan and Brian have managed to remain in good terms. 

The two have been spotted together several times and they managed to live together for the sake of their children. Some insiders actually claimed that Megan and Brian have become closer since their marriage ended. “Megan and Brian love being parents. They are working really hard to be together and one unit—not only for their children, but also for each other. They are looking forward for the arrival of their new baby,” an insider previously claimed according to celebrity site E! News. 

The fact that Megan and Brian are getting along very well was also proven this weekend, when the pair was spotted enjoying some family time. Megan and Brian, alongside their children, enjoyed a day out in LA. 

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