Brett Rossi Obtains Restraining Order against Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen’s former fiancée, Brett Rossi, received a restraining order against the famous actor, after claiming that Sheen attacked her. Brett Rossi, whose real name is Scottine Ross, claimed that her former fiancé attacked her and threatened to killed her, which was actually caught on audio. 

Rossi received a restraining order against the actor on Friday. The legal papers filed against Sheen indicated that the actor “choked Ms. Ross to the point of almost losing consciousness,” adding that he actually “repeatedly kicked Ms. Ross while she was on the ground.” 

According to the restraining order, Charlie Sheen claimed in the audio recording that he would “rather spend $20,000 to have her head kicked in. Then people will realize, oh, it’s dangerous.” Rossi’s legal filing went on to say that she became really scared the moment when she found the recording of Sheen, in which he also claimed that she should be buried. 

“This piece of s— needs to be f—ing buried” Sheen said in the alleged recording. “Its treason. You know what treason is? It’s punishable by death,” he went on to add. Following the allegations made against Sheen, the Los Angeles Police Department actually started an investigation. No official comments have been made on the subject, but some sources claimed that the investigation was made in relation with complaints filed against him. 

This is not the first legal battle involving Brett Rossi and Charlie Sheen. Rossi actually filed a lawsuit against Sheen last year, claiming that the actor did not reveal to her the fact that he was HIV positive. The two were in a relationship and Brett claimed that Sheen never told her about the diagnosis. 

Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi have been in the media attention for quite some time. The pair has been engaged for about one year, between November 2013 and October 2014. Rossi claimed that she heard the famous actor talking about how he would “murder people he was angry with.” Reportedly, she also heard Sheen talking about putting a “hit” on her former husband. Rossi claimed that she was scared of Sheen and she really feared that the actor was going to kill her. Charlie denied all these claims. 

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