“Breaking Dawn Part 2” Teaser Trailer Shows Edward And Bella As Parents

Hollywood Life reports that the teaser trailer for “Breaking Dawn Part 2” was released on June 19th showing Edward and Bella as parents. Producers revealed the brief video because they wanted to celebrate the 111th anniversary of the Twilight character, Edward Cullen.

In case there are people who still watch Twilight saga movies, we have great news for them: producers have released the teaser trailer for “Breaking Dawn Part 2”. The 13-second (probably the only creepy aspect in the movie) clip offers insight to the upcoming movie and prepares the new trailer that is expected to be released on June the 20th.

The video starts with a beautiful family picture of Edward, Bella and their newborn baby girl, Renesmee. Judging by the looks of the first sequence, the protagonists of the film make two great parents; however, the question whether Renesmee is a vampire or a child seems to torment Edward throughout the whole movie, whereas Kristen Stewart explains that the girl was born, not bitten.

Vampire or not, Renesmee, who is played by adorable Mackenzie Foy, turns six by the end of “Breaking Dawn Part 2”. A few seconds after the beginning of the teaser trailer, Edward Cullen is embracing his red-headed daughter who looks more mature than her real age. OK, you can’t really tell she’s more mature from the video, but hey, we’ve all read the summary of the books on the Internet. Their emotional moment is juxtaposed to the dreadful appearance of the Volturi and the line “The Volturi… they’re coming for us”.

I must say the teaser trailer doesn’t awaken my interest at all, but it seems I have a problem with this vampire version of The Young and The Restless. Maybe I will change my mind once I watch the theatrical trailer which will come out on June 20th. As for the movie, Twilight saga fans will have to wait a little bit longer because the film will not hit theaters sooner than November 16, 2012.

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