Bravo ditches four Real Housewives of New York

After a long time of listening to the rumors circulating around about The Real Housewives of New York, Bravo officially ditches four of them from the show: Alex McCord, Jill Zarin, Kelly Bensimon and Cindy Barshop said goodbye to the reality show, Us Magazine reports.

Recently, Bravo released a statement in which it announced which of the New York housewives will still be on the show during the next season. “Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan and LuAnn DeLesseps will be returning for season five of The Real Housewives of New York City” the television network told The Hollywood reporter. The statement continued by sharing the “fabulous run” they had with all the reality stars and added that it was a “friendly departure”.

On Saturday, McCord, who is 37 years old, wrote on Twitter about her departure from the reality show. “SimonvanKempen[her husband] & I are leaving #RHONY, sadly but amicably.” Van Kempen is also sad for leaving the show. “We had a great four years”, he said and added that he and Alex are planning on being in other TV shows pretty soon. “We’re not going away”, he concluded.

Jill Zarin’s representative said that the former Real Housewife is in a family visit out of town, but that she is not sad at all for leaving, as she has a lot of work with her new shapewear line coming up. The rep also said Zarin will give her own response to the media regarding her departure very soon.

Barshop states she is happy with the decision Bravo took and that she already has other TV offers.

Bensimon did not comment on the matter, yet. Sonja Morgan, one of the stars who continue with her appearance in RHONY, said that she was not worried about the women leaving as they have other plans as well, for sure.

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  1. I never like Alex McCord and her husband. I think both of them are phony. Alex always try to stire things up, she is problem!!!! I am glad she’s gone.

    I like the show very much, I really like LuAnn! Mona is funny!
    I also like Kelly, she dose not mind express herself.

    I do not know why Sonia stays, she is boring….

  2. I think they should have let go of ” the Countess” as well.
    I never really liked Alex, but she did grow on me over the last season; I would have liked for her to stay, at least for one more season. I’m so glad that Jill & Kelly are gone! Good riddance! Cindy was never worth watching, No great loss.

  3. LuAnn has style, she really knows how to behave herself.

    Remona is fun, at least she does not have dark mind. Her husband is real.

    Alex, dark mind, fake, try to be somebody which she is not……Is her husband real? She is a dangrous person, try to get back to people all the time, she is a snake…..

    I will continue watch this show as long as she and her husband are not there.

  4. I don’t know who I will miss less…. but I am pretty sure
    it’s Kelly…Kelly…. Kellly…what a moron….

    Cindy no hair too…BORING!!!

    I did like Alex tho…must say her kids are a bit uhhh… Freaky looking……and very mis behaved..or not corrected…don’t know which…

  5. I’m glad Jill is leaving and Kelly! Cindy……eh and I really liked Alex she did not back down and defended herself til the end! Would’ve liked the countess to disappear but glad ramona is back and sonja

  6. BuBy Kelly, you freakin’ nut job.
    Too bad you can’t take the cowness with you. Who is she going to stir up trouble with if Jill and Alex leave?
    I’ll watch again.

  7. I am Sad to see Alex go…the others, I am ELATED they are gone..wish theyhad taken LouAnn off the show..she has gotten to the point of thinking she is Right abt Everything, because she still thinks of herself as a Countess..Cindy did NOT fit in at all….she was TOO quick to take offense w/the other housewives and seemed to always be ready for a verbal fight.
    Jill needed to go…she was TONIC and caused TOO much DRAMA for the viewers to even enjoy the show anymore…I wish they would really rethink abt Alex and ask her back………..

  8. I only wish LuAnn was leaving. She has been such a “bad” friend the past two seasons. And please tell me Ramona is off the sauce….she is just too much on the booze and her I look like they are coming out of their sockets! YIKES!

  9. Why oh Why would they not give LuAnn the boot???? She is so full of herself…always has been….not sure if I can take another season with her on there. Adios Kelly…you were really freakin me out last season…very odd behavior.

  10. Now maybe they will get rid of Real Housewives of New Jersey too.Sick of all the fighting.That’s not good TV it’s annoying.I want to relax and watch good TV.These shows just let you watch these women SHOP,Eat,and fight each other every week it was better in the beginning with Bethany.

  11. The mistake on the show was to spend all the time on stupid trips and arguments and “I feel”
    We want to see “How to. ” How they ran their businesses
    and became a success.

  12. Lou Ann is a fake and has NO manners with the way she spoke to Alex.
    She is NOT a lady and she, as most of of them except Alex make grammatical errors in speech.

  13. oh no not alex really??? and jill i like her hubby and she kept things going kelly yes CRAZY !!!!! & cindy was boring !! it should have been luann oh i mean the countess whatever !!! so i quess its going to be the sonja & romona show think bravo should rethink alex & jill

  14. So sorry that Alex is leaving the show…to bad Bravo did not get rid of LuAnn as I am very happy that Jill, Kelly, and Cindy left. You made a mistake Bravo by letting Alex go. The blondes as it has been put should be the only ones on the show. LuAnn…miss priss….will stop me from watching…hope it is not to late for you to let her go.

  15. I agree “Crazy Ramona” should be the one to go bye-bye . She makes career women look very bad! The same goes for Alex a fond farewell to her. However, I did like Kelly, Bravo just tried to make her look crazy. Guess I will be finding other shows to watch now.

  16. So glad to hear the news that Bravo is cleaning house. I think they should start completely over. All the women have gotten big heads.
    They all got boring! boring! boring! Now clean house over in Jersey Bravo. I don’t know anyone that watches Jersey housewives anymore

  17. I surmise that many of the pro Alex bloggers did not take note of the Silex co-dependent relationship where he stole her air time with his behavior crap. It is an unhealthy dynamic especially for the young who watch the program to witness. Alex has a dependent personality and his attempt to turn her into a confrontational cast member made her appear phony and scripted, all of this as he minced about kissing Jill’s ass after all the nastiness she directed at his wife. Coward, controlling narcissist.

  18. Wow. what a mess, you leave Ramona and Sonja on the show, why? Sonja seems to use the show to as a medium for personal solicitation of sex. Romana appears to be a drunk, pushing her booze.

    On the other hand, Cindy has huge issues, Alex and Simon live in their own little world and no one should have to be exposed to that, Then they seem to have nothing to offer when it comes to TV time. Simon is a bully and needs to spend time with the guys and not with the women. they are my least favorite people of any couple on Tv altogether.

    Kelly was growing as a person, and seemed to be the one givng credible advice, in the end. And if you let the Roman’s new best friend (Sonja) stay, why didn’t they allow LuAnn’s best friend(Jill) stay as well?

    Maybe the others have made the best decision to live their lives outside of peering eyes. (except Alex and Simon who indicated they will be back on Tv – for what?)

  19. Bravo is crazy!!!!!!! I hope jill is offered a spin off. Bethany got one after Jill helped her. You go Jill..I’m not going to watch new housewives of New York. I still have New Jersey if Bravo doesn’t screw that show up too. We watch the shows because we love the ladies,you get rid of half of them,why watch? Ramona alex and sonja should of left.

  20. I’ve been watching the show a long time and Jill is the closest to being a “real housewife” of NY. Why in the world did you keep the drunk and Sonja. They aren’t fun to watch and don’t feel like they have shown their real side.

  21. Totally agree with the comment regarding real housewives of new jersey, they are a complete disgrace to all italian americans. Comming from immigrant parents who came to this country, learned the language and worked tirelessy to become upstanding citizens i am offended by their behavior. We are not what they portay. They just perpetuate the idea that all italians are somehow like characters from the godfather. If you watch for pure entertainment (although from what I have seen not too much of that going on) it’s okay, just please keep in mind that they in no way represent the italian american population…I will not tune in they truely offend

  22. Glad Jill is gone….she was initially my fave but became my most hated….she became a shrew…good job BRAVO…I stopped watching RHONY because of Jill…will give new cast a chance…

  23. It seems as if all the women on every “Housewives” show have gotten such big heads and egos. I initially like them and then they turn into shrews. NJ is the next to go off my list. I loved Theresa at first and now she seems to think the show is only about her, and her husband needs a reality check. He and Teresa’s attitudes are mostly to blame for the family problems. Joe is nothing but a bully. I think this genre is all but finished because of all the shenanigans of the participants. I won’t call them STARS because they don’t deserve the title. Of course, very few “stars” deserve to be called that.

  24. Well what do you say about this. I love this show but to kick off jill and leave Ramona and Luann is just dumb. Ramona is wasted half the time and is just annoying to watch anymore. And as for Luann who thinks shes better then everyone because she got lucky and married who she did. W.E. They should have got rid of them instead Getting rid of kelly and alex, i think was a good decision they’re kinda boring any ways The show def wont be the same anymore, but hopefully the new wive’s will bring something great to the show.

  25. Well i must be honest,at first watching house wives,i thought Jill was nice.But over a period of time especially that of Bethany i found Jill to be really nasty to Bethany.And all that time Bethany had a hell of alot of emotions going on.Yes Bobby had a scare with his illness but Jill chose to carry on this endless fight,and now she is down on Ramona blaming her for all the Bethany break up.Jill should watch herself im sure she would be really shocked her her voice changed to an aggressive tone.And sadly in my books respect has gone for this lady.
    I am happy to hear she is leaving but i wont miss her.Now Bethany i do.

  26. I think the original RHONY were the best. Yes, there were the ones that were phony but there was also realism in some of their lives. I don’t think I’ll be watching it anytime too soon.

    I’m glad Betheny made it on her own.

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