Bratz Dolls Maker Sues Lady Gaga

It’s not like Lady Gaga isn’t used to being sued, but it’s not often for steep damages. The Bratz Dolls maker, MGA Entertainment, sues Lady Gaga for a whooping $10 million, over an alleged contract breach.

Bloomberg writes that Lady Gaga and her management company are being sued by Bratz Dolls maker. MGA Entertainment Inc. demands $10 million in damages after Lady Gaga and her company failed to respect a contractual term. The toymaker claims Lady Gaga has been delaying the approval of the marketing campaign for the doll that would look like her.

The New York Daily News reports MGA Entertainment Inc. decided to file the lawsuit against Lady Gaga after the star decided to promote her new perfume, “Fame”, than work with them for the launch of a doll in her image. Moreover, the company accuses the Monster Queen for putting them at risk of not meeting retail deadlines.

Bratz Dolls maker says Lady Gaga demanded they remove a voice chip from the doll and has consistently refused to approve the final design. The $10 million lawsuit against Lady Gaga reads she and her company already received from Bratz Dolls maker $1 million in advance, but failed to deliver any results yet.

The company says the singer demanded several design modifications. For instance, according to MGA Entertainment, Lady Gaga wanted her doll to “be more supermodel-like”. “Think a prettier version of Gaga” reads one email the toymaker received. “Thin out the cheeks and sharpen the jawline. Give her more of a cat-eye and sexier, poutier lips” seems to have requested Lady Gaga’s party.

The toymaker’s summary complaint reads that Lady Gaga’s “conduct is egregious, in bad faith and is pretextual, especially in light of the fact that MGA has, among other things, paid Bravado a $1,000,000 advance”.

MGA Entertainment officials also claim the company has “agreed to an excessively generous royalty rate, invested millions in the preproduction of the Lady Gaga dolls and put its reputation and goodwill on the line in order to secure distributors and retails shelf space”.

Lady Gaga’s spokeswoman Amanda Silverman explained MGA has a dispute with Universal Music Group not with the artist. “There was no legitimate reason for dragging Lady Gaga into that dispute. Lady Gaga will vigorously defend MGA’s ill-conceived lawsuit and is confident that she will prevail” Amanda Silverman told the Huffington Post.

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