Brandon Marshall Involved In Fight

After being traded to the Bears four days ago, Brandon Marshall is once again in the media’s attention for getting involved in a fight on early Sunday morning. Reuters informs that the receiver was with several friends in a New York City club when he started an argument with another group of people. Discussions turned into a fight and Marshall was taken to the nearest police station.

Christin Myles was celebrating her birthday with a group of friends in a famous New York City club. The woman left her friends alone for a couple of minutes. When she returned she was told that her friends were arguing with someone in front of the club. Based on Myles’ report, the woman went outside and saw that her friends were fighting with Brandon Marshall and an unnamed football player. She tried to calm everyone down, but Marshall allegedly punched her in the face leaving her with a black eye.

Harvey Steinberg, Marshall’s legal representative, told the press that his client was not involved in the melee. He further stated that Marshall was appointed the key point speaker at a charitable event in New York. At the end of the event, the football player, his wife and a couple of friends headed towards the club where the fight took place, but Marshall and his guests had nothing to do with the incident. In fact, Marshall’s wife was hit with a bottle in the face while the two were on their way out. According to Steinberg, Mrs. Marshall suffered severe injuries that required hospitalization.

Despite the efforts that Steinberg is making to save his client’s face, Brandon Marshall is known for the numerous run-ins he previously had with the law after he was admitted to NFL in 2006. Last year, his wife was arrested because she stabbed him with a kitchen knife in the abdomen during a domestic dispute. In 2008, NFL suspended him for three games because he violated the league’s personal conduct policy. He was also arrested for drunken driving, disorderly conduct and alleged domestic violence.

NFL will investigate the fight that Marshall was recently involved in and will determine whether the football player needs to be disciplined or not. If he turns out guilty, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will suspend Marshall for bad behavior outside the field.

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