Brandon Inge Agrees With A’s Offer

Over the weekend, Jon Heyman of CBS Sports was writing that Brandon Inge has agreed to A’s offer. Apparently, from Heyman’s point of view, Brandon Inge’s signing with the Oakland Athletics it is a win – win situation for both sides.

Last week, Brandon Inge was released of its contract with the Tigers. The 35 year old baseman has quite a history at the Tigers and sports buffs say Inge’s experience will truly benefit Oakland Athletics. But you don’t need some fancy sport reviewer to know that Brandon Inge might have an average of below .200, but he’s one baseball player that proved to be versatile.

Jon Heyman points out that Brandon Inge is going to be “an upgrade for Oakland at third base”. Before the .200 average player ( at least over the last season ), Oakland Athletics had Josh Donaldson and Eric Sogard struggling with a combined average of .135. Obviously, the Oakland Athletics expect Brandon Inge to truly perform at his .200 average, at least.

Brandon Inge is joining the Oakland Athletics at a time when this team is looking for a miracle-worker. Oakland was doing pretty well before Scott Sizemore’s injury. During spring, Sizemore had a knee ligament injury that left him unavailable for the rest of the season. But, Brandon Inge might not be able to give the Oakland Athletics what they wish.

Brandon Inge was not the first choice Oakland manager Bob Melvin had in mind. Josh Donaldson, Eric Sogard and Luke Hughes all gave it a try, but all these guys managed to pull off were eight errors worth .111.

This May, Brandon Inge turns 35. He reached his performance peak three years ago. In 2009, Inge hit 21 homers and was 2- for- 20 with one homer and two RBIs this season with Detroit’s Tigers.

Last Thursday Brandon Inge was released from the Tigers after a fair season. He said of his release that he carries no grudge and looks at the Detroit team as his family. “This is where I’ve been my whole career. I’ll miss the guys – – I will” said Brandon Inge.

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