Brandi Glanville One Day Marriage With Darin Harvey Ended

For some celebrities it seems having some drinks and fun in Las Vegas usually ends with a marriage certificate. It happened to Brandy Glanville, who her idea of having fun ended in another marriage and a divorce. Her one day marriage with Darin Harvey ended.

The 38 year old star of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills had, to say the least, an entertaining New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas. But, unlike with most things that happen in Las Vegas, this one did not stay there. In fact, thanks to Brandy Glanville, her little ‘mishappening’ went online and made it all across the United States.

According to Glanville’s tweets, “after some beer and strippers”, she and Mixed Martial Arts manager Darin Harvey decided to get married, just for the fun of it. On Sunday evening, after seeing how her fans and friends reacted to her news, the actress finally came to terms with the reality and called the Las Vegas wedding “a drunken BFF thing” which will get annulled on Monday.

However, for real or not, Glanville’s tweets have surely shocked some fans. She went from “Getting married @darinharvey !!!” to “@darinharvey we shud try to stay married for !a bit!I’m a good jew I promise” and “Yes, I’m married get over it!”. In the end, on Sunday she tweeted: “My gals & BFF of many yrs @darinharvey was SO much fun & we got carried away by getting married!… in my head I was just having fun w/ my best friend who I adore & has been there for me during all my tuff times!”

Darin did not keep his fans up to date with the marriage, but he did mentioned that the marriage will get annulled: “Don’t worry @BrandiGlanville and I had a crazy Vegas moment. Getting annulled tomorrow”. Then he added: “”Everyone chill @BrandiGlanville and I were a bit ffffed in Vegas wanted to do something crazy so we did. Getting annulled still bff’s…”

All in all, Darin explained that Brandi Glanville and him just “wanted to shock the world…never thought it would get this far.. Sure was fun though. We are bff’s and still single.”

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