Brady Quinn apologizes to Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow was offended by the remarks that Brady Quinn made about him in a previous GQ article, so the unrestricted free agent took to Twitter to apologize to the Broncos’ newcomer, says the Associated Press. Quinn explained that the article did not reflect his opinion on the starting quarterback and invited everyone to appreciate his teammate’s accomplishments.

The article in the GQ magazine stated that Quinn was disturbed by Tebow’s popularity which was mainly due, in his opinion, to fans. He told reporters that Tebow was very lucky to have supporters on his side and this is what helped him occupy a better position on the depth chart. In fact, Tebow’s name is often chanted by fans during games and this may give people the impression that he is one of the best football players of the Denver Broncos.

Quinn is also disturbed with the way Tim expresses his religious beliefs. The free agent confessed that he is a Christian, too, but he doesn’t brag about it like Tebow does. The starting quarterback is famous for the Biblical verse he touts on his eye-black. The football player believes the John 3: 16 passage has helped him pull out great performances in the previous games. This belief was reinforced by the 316 yards passing that the quarterback nailed in the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

After seeing the magazine article, Quinn immediately contacted Tebow to let him know that the declarations written in the GQ were not true. He made it clear that he is not jealous on his colleague’s success from the previous season; on the contrary, he is a good friend of the starting quarterback.

Tebow has to work hard to improve his passing skills, but he, nevertheless, managed to win seven of his first eight starts. In addition, the football player recorded fourth-quarter comebacks that helped Broncos reach the playoffs for the first time since 2005.

Demaryius Thomas defended his colleague by writing on Twitter that he is tired of people taking about the 80-yard touchdown he scored with Tebow’s help in the game against the Pittsburgh. He further wrote that there is no such thing as luck, but only hard work and determination to succeed. This is, in his opinion, the key to Tebow’s success.

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  1. If Brady is a christian, then I don’t believe this thing he said about Tebow bragging about his faith. A christian knows that one doesn’t brag about his faith but simply obey Jesus command to spread John 3:16 to all corners of the world at every opportunity that presents itself.

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