Brad Pitt will not Pay Requested Child Support Amount

Famous actor Brad Pitt is dealing with some new issues when it comes to the custody of his six children. The actor and his former wife are fighting for the custody of the children and have been in an ongoing fight ever since the two stars officially announced their separation. 

So, it has now been reported that Brad Pitt has decided that he will not pay his estranged wife the sum she reportedly demanded for child support. Brad refused to give Angelina $100,000 because he just doesn’t want to “pay her child support.” The new report claimed that Brad has no issues in taking care of his children, but giving the money to Angelina is not an option. 

The news was reported by In Touch, which claimed that Brad refuses to allow Angelina to control his children’s money. The response comes after a previous report indicated that Angelina wants Brad to pay $100,000 a month in child support and another $250,000 in each child’s trust fund ever year. Allegedly, Brad is currently worth more than Angelina.

The report also claimed that Angelina wants the divorce to be finalized as fast as possible. “Angie wants the divorce finalized within the next 90 days, including custody and property settlements,” a source claimed according to the report. “But with everything she’s asking for, it’s unlikely that will happen. She’s making ridiculous financial demands,” the insider explained. 

Well, it is yet to see how the custody battle will continue and if Angelina and Brad will be able to finally put an end to these issues. Meanwhile, Brad is moving on with his life. A previous report claimed that Brad has been cleaning up his Los Angeles home by removing Angelina’s stuff from the property.

“Brad doesn’t need all of Angeline’s stuff – things like rugs from the Far East, weird ornaments and blankets – and various pieces of furniture which they bought as a couple,” one source said. “He’s keeping the antiques, watches and tasteful vintage items Angelina bought for him, but downsizing on a lot of things that has accumulated over time,” the same insider concluded.

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