Brad Pitt to Move in with Kate Hudson

Brad Pitt is a free man following his separation from famous actress Angelina Jolie. So, there is no wonder that the rumors indicate that the famous actor is dating someone new. The rumors are saying that Brad Pitt has moved on with Kate Hudson and they have become so close that they are actually going to move in together. 

The news was reported by Star magazine, which indicated that most likely Kate and Brad will be living together in the actress’s Pacific Palisades home. Sources claimed that Brad and Kate have already been spending a lot of time at her home, where they have been secretly seeing each other. Maybe, the two actors do not want to make their romance public considering that Brad is still in a legal fight with his former wife for the custody of their six children. 

However, the report indicated that the actor really likes Kate and is ready to take the relationship to the next level. He plans on moving in together with the popular actress and things seem to be going really well between the two. The source also said that Brad is smitten with Kate. According to the report, Kate and Brad have been dating for quite some time now. 

Rumors said that the two have been secretly seeing each other for a few months. Brad reportedly likes very much Kate’s home and property and he would love to move there. The insider claimed that this will most likely happen in the near future. “They’ve been secretly meeting up since they first got together two months ago,” the insider clarified. 

“And as he gets closer to actually cutting the cord with Angie, Brad will have even more time to spend with Kate. When that happens, I think it won’t take long until he takes the next big step and actually moves in with Kate at her Pacific Palisades mansion,” the same source went on to add. 

Well, if the rumors will be confirmed or not, it is yet to be found out. The two Hollywood stars have not talked about the rumors, but Gossip Cop dismissed the claims.

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