Brad Pitt to Focus on Becoming a Better Father

Famous actor Brad Pitt plans on spending more time with his children. A new report has claimed that the popular actor will be putting his acting career on hold with the main purpose become a better father to his six children. The new rumor emerged after it has been claimed that Angelina has become more open to the idea of sharing the custody of the children with her former husband.

Previously, it has been claimed that Brad and Angelina’s marriage ended because of the actor’s serious drinking problem. This allegedly determined the famous actress to file for divorce back in September, 2016. Brad has confessed during a recent interview with GQ that he did dealt with a drinking issue, but he managed to overcome it and has been sober for months. The famous actor also said that he underwent therapy and has stayed on the right path.

Sources said that despite the divorce, Angelina wants Brad to still be a part of the children’s life and she still wants him to be involved. And Brad seems determined to become better for the children, for Angelina, but also for himself. Hollywood Life revealed that the actor believes that he has hurt his family with his drinking problem, but has realized that he needed to change.

Furthermore, Brad has allegedly realized that he needed to spend more time with his children. Sources claimed that once the divorce is finalized, the actor wants to show his children that he is a changed man and wants to keep a friendship with Angelina. Sources said that the children are the most important for both Brad and Angelina and regardless of their issues, the two actors are trying to solve them because they are “both determined to provide a stable and loving home for the children.”

Some insiders also claimed that Angelina and Brad have managed to get to a better place compared to how things were when the divorce was initially filed. Furthermore, the two allegedly plan to remain friends after all.

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