Brad Pitt Reveals Wedding Date

Even though Hollywood’s most famous couple has been trying to avoid discussions about their upcoming ceremony, Brad Pitt revealed that the wedding date is getting closer and closer. According to Us Weekly, Brangelina feels it’s high time they tied the knot. Read on to get the full story.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced their engagement in April after seven years of courtship and six children. The wedding date, however, continues to remain a mystery as the two partners refuse to make up their minds.

The 48-year-old actor is making the rounds to promote his new movie “Killing Them Softly”, so he was forced to answer some of reporters’ questions related to their wedding plans. While he did his best to avoid providing an exact date for the ceremony, Pitt told the press that the big event is getting closer and closer.

There are two reasons why Brad thinks he and Angelina Jolie should tie the knot as soon as possible. On the one hand, there are the children who seem to press him to marry their mom and on the other hand, Brad feels his feelings have grown so strong that he has to make his relationship with Angelina official. “The time is nigh. It’s soon. I got a good feeling about it,” he stated.

Reporters tried to get Pitt to tell them the date of the wedding, but the actor insisted that there is none. He thinks it is too early to make plans for next year when they don’t know what is going to happen in two weeks’ time. They are, in fact, so relaxed about the wedding ceremony that they might even decide to tape the event and have television networks broadcast it for the public.

Brad Pitt is now in New York promoting his most recent movie “Killing Them Softly”, whereas his wife-to-be, Angelina and the kids are in Cambodia preparing the setup of the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation. The actress was last seen at the screening she hosted in London last week for Ewan McGregor’s film “The Impossible”.

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