Brad Pitt rescues an extra during World War Z scene incident

Hollywood star Brad Pitt comes to the rescue of an extra during an incident that occurred on the set of the movie he currently shoots for, World War Z. The extra, a woman who was on the set for filming a scene in which 700 people tear through George Square in Glasgow, Scotland, fell down and faced real danger of being run over by other fellow extras. According to the Scottish Sun, Pitt saved her from severe wounding.

Brad Pitt turns into a real life hero when he saves from serious injury a woman during an elaborate scene in the movie in which he currently stars – World War Z. The incident occurred on Wednesday. The woman, an extra, was on the set, along with other 700 extras fellows. They were shooting a scene in which they were occupying George Square in Glasgow, Scotland. At one point, because of the crowd, the woman fell down.  The Oscar-winning actor saw her and rushed to pick her up and bring her back on her feet, thus avoiding being run over by the others.

A witness told the Scottish Sun how the incident occurred. “Lots of people hurt themselves, and Brad came to the rescue of a woman who slipped,” he said to the publication. “I don’t think she could believe it when Brad picked her up. He didn’t have time to speak to her as it was mid-shoot.” According to the witness, the rescued woman said that she was very grateful to the actor, despite the fact that she did not escape without a knee injury.

During the same scene, other extras also got injured, but not severely. They only got “bumps and scrapes”. However, it was not expected that this would happen. So, after several incidents, the shooting was paused for a “safety talk”.

World War Z is a horror movie about an apocalyptical time in the future, where zombies take over the world. Brad Pitt plays Gerry Lane, a United Nations employee who becomes the hope for a better future for the humans. The movie will hit theaters on December 2012.

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