Brad Pitt Not Interested in Dating

After a really bad breakup from Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt is not really interested in dating anyone new. Apparently, the famous actor is not dating anyone and is not eager to get back out there in the dating world. 

It seems that Brad is also very upset that some leaked court documents revealed some details of his custody battle against Angelina Jolie. Because Brad is so angry with the way things have been going, the actor does not want to date anytime soon. “Brad isn’t dating-he’s been badly burned and has no desire to start any kind of romance right now, he wants to focus all his energy on getting access to his kids,” an insider said according to Hollywood Life. 

“Plus, he doesn’t want to provide Angelina with any further fuel to throw on the already raging fire,” the same source went on to add. “This whole situation is a truly sorry state of affairs and it’s just going to get worse before it gets any better,” the insider explained. Another insider also came to confirm the fact that things have not been easy at all for Brad Pitt. 

The famous actor has to undergo therapeutic visits with his six children, a situation that is not very simple for Brad. “Brad is desperate to get this whole mess with Angelina over and done with,” this source said. “It’s turned into a nightmare of epic proportions for him and he can’t believe quite how bad it has gotten,” it added. 

The insider also claimed that Brad is fearing the fact that Angelina may try to keep the children away from him. “Brad’s really concerned Angelina is poisoning the boys against him, and they are becoming more and more distant towards him with each passing day,” the source said. The insider also claimed that there is no way Angelina and Brad could get back together. The source explained that Brad does not understand why Angelina is trying to cut him out from the kids’ lives. 

Brad Pitt has previously been investigated on child abuse allegations, but the FBI and Child Services cleared the famous actor of the allegations.

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