Brad Pitt is Doing Well Following Separation from Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have separated last year, although their divorce is yet to be finalized. The separation was not free of scandals, as actually Brad Pitt was accused of child abuse and officials started an investigation on the claims. 

Luckily for Brad, he was finally cleared of the allegations. However, this does not mean that things ended. Brad and Angelina were also fighting for the custody of their six children. The actor was seeking to obtain joint custody, while Angelina wanted the sole physical custody of the children. 

Well, although the fight between the two remains ongoing, it seems that Brad Pitt is doing fine now and is living a healthy new life. Naughty Gossip reported that Brad is fine without Angelina and the actor seems to be getting his groove back. A source talking to the celebrity site claimed that Brad no longer drinks and is making order in his life. 

“Brad hasn’t touched a drop since he got locked into a custody and divorce battle with his estranged wife, Angelina Jolie,” an insider said. “He is focused on being happy and healthy. He is a new man and he has even been hitting the gym, plus, he doesn’t have to deal with her anymore,” the same source went on to say. 

Of course, there are no official statements from Brad Pitt or his camp. However, these are not the only rumors indicating that the actor is doing very well. Previously, some reports claimed that he has already moved on from his failed marriage and is currently dating famous actress Kate Hudson. Reports revealed that the two have been secretly dating and have spent a lot of time together at Kate’s home. Some reports went to say that the two were planning on moving in together. 

Meanwhile, it surely seems that Brad is moving on, as the star has recently threw a party at Hotel Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica. An insider said that it was an intimate and private party in one of the hotel’s rooms, but it seems that Brad enjoyed a good time in one of the first occasions when he has been associated to such an event following the separation.

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