Brad Pitt Files Legal Papers to keep the Custody Battle Private

Reportedly, Brad Pitt has filed an emergency request to seal the documents related to the custody of his children. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are still engaged in an ugly battle over the custody of their six children and it seems that the famous actor wanted to keep everything a secret. However, unfortunately for Brad, his request was not accepted. 

So, a Los Angeles Superior Court has denied the request made by Brad, but this does not mean that the actor has given up this plan. In fact, it has been reported that Brad will continue to fight to keep the custody battle private because he believes that this would be in the best interest of the children. A new hearing on this request is set to take place in January. Brad is also said to have criticised Angelina for the way in which she handled the divorce in the media. Apparently, the actor will not give up, although, as imagined, Angelina is not happy with this.

Brad Pitt is also seeking the joint physical custody of the children. Since the divorce filing, Angelina and Brad have been living separately. The children have remained with the actress, who moved into a rental home in Los Angeles. Well, a source close to Angelina claimed that the actress wanted to have the temporary agreement reached with Brad on the legal record, because the actor has multiple times tried to stray the deal. 

Brad is said to have been willing to increase the number of visits with the children, as well as change aspects about the location and the presence of a therapist in the process. The source also said that despite other reports on this subject, the star does not want to keep Brad away from the kids, but actually wants the actor to “heal the relationship with the children.” 

Brad Pitt has previously been linked to child abuse allegations. However, the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services cleared the famous actor of these allegations. The FBI also conducted an investigation into the case, but the allegations were dropped. Luckily for Brad, he no longer has to face any risks.

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