Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and … Bella

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not married, so a divorce  goes out of the question. But tabloids seem to be permanent with its finger on the bottom when they are speaking about  their relationship, especially when appears a young actress that is only 23 years between them.

How she appeared into the story? Bella Heathcote is Brad`s co-star in “Cogan’s Trade “. Her version? She told that she want to play a sex scene with Brad as in “Troy”

Version of the couple Pitt-Jolie? Who bother to ask them when in tabloids appears the rumor of the year put on wallpaper “Brad Pitt, actress nude scandal 23 years ” in who is speaking about the split between Angelina and Brad.

Well supported by statements of the “sources” who said that she is totally on Brad`s taste, or that she perfectly evoking a younger version of Angelina,even speaks that Angelina came on set to break up of Brad.

But what do you have to do when it is clear that children have remained in New Orleans with their father? Never mind! Just write that Angelina has “slammed” in Brad arms ….and left. Of course she went … She went to visit the border between Tunisia and Libya  as a goodwill ambassador, showing that both have better things to do than go and listen to the tabloids.

And lucky for them there are to publications who counteracts , which publishes the statements of other “sources” close to Bella. She said that Bella never even met Brad and even they are playing in the same film, but not were intersected on the set.The source, which detail and how she saw the actor with the couple’s six children who ate and drank carrot juice at the reception, during a gala charity where Pitt was an honorary member.

Do you think Brad Pitt cheats on his wife ?


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  1. No!!! Brad loves his family and has never been a cheater, contrary to all the tabloids lies . The fans of his X who continue to ride on the publicity she gets by playing the poor X who can not find a manis what fuels all these horrible rumors. Angie nad Brad have a wonderful relationship and a wonderful family and the tabloids should just leave them alone. But the problem is if you mention their name even in passing you sell rags and they all know it. Even D listers know that if you mention Angelina is a story or comment it gets picked up all over the world. Bless the JP family.

  2. Yes brad Pitt is a cheat who cheated on all of his women including Juliette Lewis, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston. How can you say he didnt cheat when he told Jen he was in love with AJ and Jen threw Brad out for that admission and how that woman is a cheat and if she cant draw attention to herself she is always adopting another child or going anorexic to regain Brads attention. Are you blind as well as stupid and cant see past your noses. That woman is an actress as well as a marriage wrecker and liar to boot all cheaters are liars.

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