“Bourne” Makes Jeremy Renner Hollywood’s Next Action Star

The Inquisitr has taken a look at the actor’s recent evolution and it seems that “The Bourne Legacy” franchise could turn Jeremy Renner into Hollywood’s next action star. The actor has become very popular in the past years threatening the status of many action stars.

Jeremy Renner gives us all reasons to believe that no matter how old we may be, there is still a chance for us to fulfill our dreams. At his age, that is, 41 years old, most actors sit and vegetate in their multimillion dollars homes enjoying their fame and popularity. Renner, on the other hand, has just started his acting career, but he, nevertheless, managed to recover the lost time. He is now set to become Hollywood’s next action star due to his recent performances.

In 2008, he featured in the critically acclaimed movie “The Hurt Locker” which won a Best Picture Academy Award and brought him an Oscar nomination. “The Town” was another good choice for the ascending actor because he was nominated once again for an Academy Award in 2010.

Although Renner is now on the crest of the wave, he has dealt with several problems, as well. Last year, he was supposed to take over the lead of the “Mission Impossible” franchise and instead he obtained a supporting role in “Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol”.  His role in the “Avengers”, Hawkeye, had the shortest screen time of all the superheroes.

Despite this, Forbes estimates that Renner’s fortune could get bigger and bigger in the future. They ground their suppositions on the profit that “The Bourne Legacy” has registered over the weekend. The motion picture was at the top of the weekend box office gathering $47 million from U.S. theaters. The success of the movie has determined producers to continue “The Bourne Legacy” with Jeremy.

Jeremy Renner, like many other actors, knows that diversity is the key to success in Hollywood. As a result, he has agreed to feature in a Will Ferrell project that will be released at the end of the year. Since Ferrell does a great job with comedies, Renner will be able to prove he can play a wide variety of roles.

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