Boris Strugatsky, Russian Sci-Fi Writer, Passed Away At 79

Famous sci-fi writer from Russia, Boris Strugatsky, passed away on Monday at the age of 79. The author of “Roadside Picnic”, who was suffering from heart problems and pneumonia, received medical care at a hospital in Saint Petersburg until his death was officially declared, the Associated Press reports.

Boris Strugatsky’s biographer announced during a show on Ekho Moskvy radio, on Monday that the Russian author passed away after experiencing various health problems. The writer’s health condition worsened in the last part of his life, so the family was forced to hospitalize him in a clinic in Saint Petersburg. The news was later on confirmed by sources close to the family.

The Strugatsky family has been very prolific in terms of writers. Both Boris and his brother, Arkady, who passed away in 1991, started their writing careers at an early age. Most of the novels that made Boris famous were written in collaboration with his brother, including the world-renowned “Roadside Picnic” which was adapted for the film “Stalker” by director Andrei Tarkovsky in 1979.

While Boris Strugatsky’s name may not be very familiar among international readers, it was definitely known to readers in the Soviet Union. The two brothers published 27 novels between 1958 and 1988 and numerous other short stories. They were translated mainly in English, French, German and Italian, but it was only the Russian audience that understood the sci-fi universe described by the two authors.

Boris’ novels suffered various modifications during the Communist era. Words and ideas were replaced by censors so the novels will be in keeping with the party’s propaganda. Nevertheless, the message conveyed by the novels of the two authors was clearly understood by readers, which is why Boris and Arkady’s works have always been appreciated.

The World of Noon, or the Noon Universe is the surreal location that the two authors used in most of their stories. The new dimension is characterized by an extraordinary social, scientific and technological development, which could be related to Boris’ first work experience as a computer engineer.

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