Boris Becker Talks about Australian Open Final

Boris Becker is surely a famous name when it comes to the world of tennis. The star has just decided to talk about the final of the Australian Open and he definitely had some interesting things to say. The final was a nice moment for all tennis fans as it brought together Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal is an interesting and powerful five sets match.

According to Tennis World USA, Becker claimed that Federer and Nadal’s success at this tournament has actually sent a message to the best tennis players at the moment, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray. “Before the start of the Australian Open, everyone had been asking where do they go? After the tournament they have shown that they go to the very top,” Becker explained. “They showed some real drive and sent a message to Djokovic and Murray saying they are coming back. The way Federer played in Melbourne, it goes on to show that there is more to come and that is true for Nadal also.”

Becker also claimed that Nadal could have great chances in winning the upcoming tennis tournament. “He is the favourite to win Roland Garros, it’s clear that he can aspire to everything. It’s good for tennis that Rafa cameback.” Becker also claimed that most likely Nadal will continue to work with Toni and a split will not occur at this point.

Becker praised Federer for his amazing talent and the fact that he managed to achieve the unexpected record of winning 18 Grand Slams. He claimed that despite the huge achievement, Federer actually made everything look so easy and effortless.

“His elegance and classy way of achieving it is something that not many sportspersons will be able to replicate in future. A few months back the question was when will Novak equal and cross Federer’s Grand Slam record but now suddenly the question has changed to whether he can do it,” Becker said.

He also explained that what makes Federer play and be so determined is the fact that he is still managing to win. “The more he wins, the more he will want to play.”

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