Book concerning Natalie Wood’s death sparks homicide investigation

Recently, the homicide investigation concerning Natalie Wood’s death has been reopened mainly due to the information regarding the case presented in the latest book dedicated to the actress death circumstances. “Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour” was co-authored by Marti Rulli and the former Captain of the boat Splendour, where the death occurred, Dennis Davern.

Throughout the last few months, Rulli has been in direct contact with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department providing the investigators with actual proof of the facts presented in the book. Sources of TMZ reported that the Sheriff was convinced by this new information and reopened the investigation assigning two full time homicide detectives to handle the case.

The book is focused on the last day of Wood’s life and her whereabouts prior to her death. Before disappearing from the boat, Natalie was in the company of her husband, Robert Wagner and actor Christopher Walken drinking and talking.

According to Rulli and Davern book, Wagner was displeased when witnessing his wife and Walken talking and engaged in a jealous scene, smashing a bottle and yelling at Walken about his intentions regarding his wife. “What do you want to do, f**k my wife?  Is that what you want?”

In an attempt to avoid further violence, Walken left the deck and returned to his cabin, while Natalie and Robert headed for their state room. The Splendour Captain wrote that once in their cabin, he could hear the couple argue loudly, then thumping sounds followed by silence.

Only moments later, the Captain met Wagner on the deck and was told that Natalie went missing. The authors claim in their book that the actor didn’t allow the Captain to call the Coast Guard. He told Davern that the dinghy was missing alongside Natalie, raising suspicion with those who knew she was extremely afraid of dark water.

Wood’s death was considered an accident at the time, but ever since the book was published in 2008, Rulli didn’t seize trying to convince the authorities otherwise.

TMZ sources said that investigators traveled to both Catalina and New Jersey to interview Rulli, as well as Augustine in Florida to talk to the Captain. They also plan on taking a closer look at Splendour in Hawaii. Yet, there seems to be no request for an interview with Wagner, at least so far.

The Sheriff’s Department has released no information concerning a possible suspect but expect the investigation to take a long time before being completed. The main reason which led to the investigation being reopened consists of the discrepancies between witness statements given immediately after Wood’s death and those featured in the books concerning her death, including Marti Rulli’s one.

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