Bobby Petrino Fired After 4 Seasons at Arkansas

Managers waited five years for Bobby Petrino to win a championship, but he never did anything except talking about it. The team ran out of patience and Bobby Petrino was eventually fired after 4 seasons at Arkansas, according to a recent report published by the Associated Press.

Bobby Petrino’s reputation has been irremediably damaged after his extra-marital relationship was made public last week. In addition, the coach has failed to lead his team towards a championship victory during the 4 seasons he spent at the Arkansas, so athletic director Jeff Long decided to fire him on Tuesday.

After he was informed that he will no longer work for the University of Arkansas, Petrino released an official statement saying that he was sorry for everything he had done. He then added that he was aware the two words were not enough to make up for what he did, but they represented his most sincere declaration.

Jeff Long was not at all impressed by Petrino’s regrets; he even laid out a list of misdeeds that the former Arkansas coach made during his period at the university. Long declared himself very disappointed with Petrino because the latter hired his mistress at the Athletic and lied about their secret relationship even after the motorcycle accident. The university was all the more affected by his affair as Petrino turned his infidelity into workplace favoritism.

According to Jeff Long’s declaration, the behavior of the 51-year-old coach affected the reputation of the University of Arkansas in a negative way and for that he had to be laid off. In addition, the football coach paid $20,000 to his 25-year-old mistress and an investigation is now carried out to see whether the money was taken from the funds of the university. Long’s spokesperson, Kevin Trainor stated that the money belonged to Petrino and not to the university.

Bobby Petrino did not wish to add anything else besides his public apology. He concluded the statement by saying that he realizes he let many people down with his selfish decisions and he will now focus on making amends to his family.

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