Bobby Brown Claims Whitney Houston Had Affairs with Robyn Crawford and Tupac

Bobby Brown decided to make some revelations about his former wife, late singer Whitney Houston. The confirmation that came now from Bobby is not that surprising, as the fact that Whitney had a secret same-sex romance with her best friend and assistant, has been rumored for years. 

So, Bobby Brown confirmed now that his former wife had been bisexual. He claimed that the rumors about Whitney being in a relationship with her best friend and assistant, Robyn Crawford, were really true. Bobby made the revelation in his new book, Every Little Step.

The singer also decided to open up during an interview with US Weekly. “I knew,” he told the magazine, of course, referring to the relationship of Whitney and Robyn. “We were married for 14 years. There are some things we talked about that were personal to us,” he went on to explain. However, Bobby’s revelations did not stop here. 

The singer claimed that Whitney was equally attracted to men and women and also said that his former life partner has actually cheated on him with no one else than famous singer Tupac Shakur. He did not reveal more about the affair, but Bobby claimed that Whitney tried to hide her lesbian relationship because of her family. 

The singer claimed that this was actually the main reason why Whitney kept on denying the fact that she and Robyn were in a relationship. Apparently, the singer’s mother would have never approved this romance. “I really feel that if Robyn was accepted into Whitney’s life, Whitney would still be alive today,” he shared, “She didn’t have close friends with her anymore,” Bobby Brown concluded. 

Well, it seems that not everyone is happy with Bobby’s new book. Cissy, Whitney’s mom, slammed the book, saying that Bobby’s claims are “disturbing.” “Whether I would have chosen Bobby for my daughter’s husband is not important because the choice was not mine to make. She loved him and I believe him when he says he loved her,” Cissy said according to Ace Showbiz. “I only wish he had loved and respected her enough to make some of the negative statements about her and Krissi while Whitney was alive and able to respond from her perspective.”  

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