Bobbi Kristina’s Aunt: Pat Houston Asked Bobby Brown to Pull the Plug

Unfortunately, although several months have passed since her hospitalization, Bobbi Kristina is not doing better. The daughter of late singer Whitney Houston and of Bobby Brown remains in critical condition, while doctors cannot confirm if she will ever get better. Meanwhile, the fights within the family continue and now a new report indicated that Bobbi Kristina’s aunt Pat Houston actually asked Bobby to pull the plug, as it costs too much to keep his daughter alive. 

Well, Leolah Brown, Bobbi Kristina’s aunt, recently shared a message on Facebook, alleging that everything that has been written in the media about her niece was untrue. “The BIG lie has been told again that my niece Bobbi Kristina is going to be brought home..only to leave us. (I heard it on the radio about 6am this morning while I was traveling). Please ignore any of these LIES coming from the media,” her message said. 

However, the message did not stop here. Leolah claimed that Bobbi Kristina is no longer on life support and her condition has actually continuously improved since the hospitalization. Leolah went on to say that the Brown family is not going to give up on her. However, she did not have too nice words to say about the Houston family, alleging that Pat Houston is actually not allowed to get near the young star. “Per Bobbi Kristina’s request,” the message said. 

Leolah went on to say that Pat “had the nerve to sarcastically say to my brother Bobby, ‘why don’t he just pull the plug on Bobbi Kriss, because it’s costing too much money to keep her alive!'” However, Bobbi Brown refused to listen to her and actually told Pat that he doesn’t “give a dam how much money it takes to keep my daughter alive! It’s not about the money! I will do what I have to keep my daughter alive!” 

According to Leolah, Pat was never liked by Bobbi Brown or Whitney Houston. “Bobbi Kristina HATES Pat for what Pat has done to her and her mother…just like the rest of us WHO TRULY LOVED WHITNEY. If anyone could turn in their grave it would be Whitney Houston! Pat has NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to be anywhere near my niece’s Estate! Whitney would NEVER CONDONE OR AGREE to that! AND THAT’S A FACT! I KNOW THIS FOR SURE! And EVERY HOUSTON KNOWS THIS TO BE ABSOLUTELY TRUE AS WELL!” the very harsh message continued. 

Leolah also claimed that Pat has always been an evil person, who manipulated the whole family. She claimed that she has more to reveal and will share it in the near future. 

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