Bobbi Kristina Engaged To ‘Brother’ Nick Gordon

People magazine reports that Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina is rumored to be engaged to ‘brother’ Nick Gordon. The two have spent a lot of time together since the death of their mother and Bobbi Kristina Brown was seen wearing an engagement ring during her most recent public appearance.

Bobbi Kristina Brown has been through a lot lately as her mother died a month ago from drug abuse. These events have strengthened the relationship between her and Nick Gordon, Whitney Houston’s adoptive boy. The two have been recently spotted while getting affectionate in public. According to sources, Bobbi Kristina and Nick were holding hands and kissing each other during a walk in Atlanta.

Their relationship has raised a lot of eyebrows, especially since the two announced that they got engaged almost two weeks ago. The news was confirmed by the family who told the press that Nick asked Bobbi Kristina to marry him on March 10. In addition, Bobbi Kristina displayed a new ring on her engagement finger during her most recent public appearance.

The family is trying to convince Bobbi Kristina that the marriage is not a good idea. In their opinion, Whitney’s adoptive son might have asked the girl to marry him only because he wants to get his hands on her $10 million fortune. Her friends have also stated that Nick is taking advantage of her vulnerability and if he really cared about her, he would have waited until the 19-year-old girl was ready to make a decision.

Sources claim that the engagement ring belonged to Whitney Houston; therefore, it is very important for Bobbi Kristina. The girl did not make any public comments or posted anything on her Twitter page ever since the news of her engagement surfaced. Gordon, on the other hand, made numerous declarations about their relationship on his Twitter account, but the posts have been deleted.

Whitney Houston took Nick Gordon in her home more than a decade ago. He has been regarded as a member of the family ever since, so he grew very close to the singer and her daughter. However, a close family friend declared that she has always felt there was more than just a platonic love between Bobbi Kristina and Nick.

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