Bobbi Kristina Brown was Involved in a Traffic accident

Well, it surely seems that as the investigation continues, new details are revealed when it comes to the tragedy involving Bobbi Kristina Brown. The daughter of famous musicians Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown was found unconscious in the bath tub, in her home. She remains in hospital in critical condition, although sources claimed that she is feeling better. 

Well, now it had been revealed that Whitney’s daughter might have been involved in a traffic accident before her hospitalization. It has been said that this led to the injury of no less than two people. A police report revealed that Bobbi lost control over her vehicle and crushed into another car. Two passengers were taken to the hospital for medical care. Only four days later, Bobbi was found unresponsive in her bathtub. 

No other details were released at this point regarding the potential accident. However, what is certain is that as the investigation continues, more and more details are revealed to the public. Yesterday, reports indicated that Bobbi Kristina had certain injuries on her face, while her husband had some injuries on his hand, leading to speculation that he might have hit his wife. 

Another report indicated that a neighbor of the couple saw a fight in their house prior of the tragic events. Well, the star’s family has revealed nothing and they only asked for privacy. As the young star remains in hospital, her family has commemorated the third anniversary since the death of her famous mother, Whitney Houston. 

Whitney Houston was found dead in 2012, in the bath tub of a hotel. Now, her family shared some touching words in the memory of one of the most talented singers that the world has ever had. “I miss you MY sister…rip nip….I miss you sis,…like crazy!!!!!!-…rip my sister…,” a post from Tina Brown, Whitney’s sister in law said. 

“You will never know the last moment you will experience, the last conversation you will have, the last photo you will take. Well this was the last photo we took with you auntie and if I would have known that I would’ve taken a few more lol,” the singer’s nephew Jerod Brown said in another post. 

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