Bobbi Kristina Brown still in Critical Condition

Unfortunately, Bobbi Kristina Brown is still in critical condition and in fact her condition has not improved at all in the past few days. Bobbi remains in hospital under medical care. 

Well, an investigation has started to find out exactly what happened to her. Whitney Houston’s daughter was found nearly drowning in her bathtub last Saturday. In fact, she was discovered unconscious by her husband and transported to the emergency room. At least at this point, it has been claimed that the police have no reasons to believe that foul play is involved in the tragic situation. 

A source claimed that Nick Gordon and Mac Lomas partied together in a club a night before the event, but Bobbi did not want to go with them. Some sources claimed that Lomas’ girlfriend was with Bobbi at that time, but nothing has been revealed regarding this. Some sources also said that investigators are certain that someone else was in the house that morning, this is why they are asking nearby employees if they saw anything. 

“[Max] says that he knocked on her door and he didn’t get an answer, so he went in and checked on her to see how she was doing. He’s actually the one that found her, and he called for Nick, screamed for Nick, and then he immediately called 911…. ” a source said. “It seems like it might’ve been 10 or 15 minutes that she must have been alone… but we don’t know at what point she actually ended up in the tub during that time…,” it added. 

So, sources claimed that Bobbi had been alone for 10 to 15 minutes before being found unconscious in the bathtub. The whole incident is surrounded with mystery, as no one knows what happened in those 10 to 15 minutes when Bobbi was alone. However, the whole incident does not seem to be a suicide attempt, as sources claimed, and investigators have no reasons to suspect foul play. Furthermore, it has been claimed that no traces of drugs were found at the scenes. So what really happened to Bobbi? It is yet to find out what the investigation will discover. 

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