Boardwalk Empire Finale Was Aired on Sunday

After no less than 5 successful seasons, famous television series Boardwalk Empire has finally came to an end. The very last episode of the series was aired on Sunday night. 

The HBO series has had an amazing success, actually being one of the most appreciated television series launched until now. Throughout its first 4 seasons, the show has raised no less than 40 Emmy nominations. The final season was also highly appreciated, so more nominations and awards are expected to come for this last project, too. 

Well, the final season has reached its end and fans were once again able to discover many surprises. In the last episode of the show, Nucky Thompson finally is confronted by Joe Harper, who actually reveals that he is Tommy Darmody. Nucky killed his father, Jimmy. Well, Tommy gets his revenge and kills Nucky, after shooting him three times. 

The final episode also reveals a little something about what happened to each of the powerful men in the show. For instance, Al Capone finally turns himself to the police, after being charged with tax evasion. On the other hand, Lucky Luciano’s empire stars to grow and he becomes the head of a big crime family in New York.

The final episode reveals much of what happened in this fifth season. For instance, viewers will understand the role of the many flashbacks they could see in these episodes. Most fans expected for Nuck to die in this last episode, but maybe no one thought that Jimmy’s son will be the one to kill the most powerful man in Atlantic City. Moreover, Tommy was no longer showed in the television series after the death of Jimmy’s best friend, so no one even imagined that he will be featured once again in Boardwalk Empire.

Ultimately, Boardwalk Empire was the story of Nucky Thomson, a fictional character in the era of prohibition. His story was interesting and many times the show managed to surprise. The final episode also surprises showing Nucky almost saying his goodbye to Margaret Thompson, the two enjoying a romantic moment as they dance gently. 

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