Boardwalk Empire Fifth Season Premiers

Boardwalk Empire fans should know that their long waiting has finally ended. A new season of Boardwalk Empire has started. However, fans may not be that happy to discover that the fifth season of the popular television series will actually be the last one. 

As it has previously been revealed, the fifth season of Boardwalk Empire will premiere on HBO on September 7. It is said that this new season will offer a series of answers to the questions that fans might have about the story. Some rumors indicate that the main character of this television series, Enoch Nucky Thompson, may actually die in this season.

Boardwalk Empire is focused on the life of a 1920s gangster living in Atlantic City. Reports revealed that even though fans waited anxiously to see what happened with Nucky and his brother Eli at the end of season four, it seems that the story jumps ahead eight years. So, action in the new season is set in 1931. Nucky is in Cuba now, having new business interests. 

Many fans were upset with the fact that Boardwalk Empire will only be featured for 5 season, but producers claimed that they did not wanted to abuse the popularity of the television series. Producer Terence Winter said that he actually felt that this is where the show should end, even though it could have continued for several more seasons. 

The last day of production of the show has been an important moment for Steve Buscemi and the cast, too. “But for the very last take, I requested the whole crew to watch. They were all in my eye-line, and I tried to look at each one of them before I turned around and went into the scene. It was such a beautiful moment,” Steve Buscemi recently said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. 

“My last day was spent fidgeting a lot, because I was on set the entire day, with nothing else that needed to be done; I didn’t have any other writing to do, so it was weird,” Terence Winter claimed. So, we can surely say that the ending of the television series is not only an important moment for the fans, but also for the cast. 

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