Blake Shelton to Propose on The Voice

Some new rumors are on regarding Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. The rumors indicate that Blake is ready to propose to his girlfriend Gwen and he might actually do this on The Voice. And it seems that this is actually something that Gwen wants.

So, according to the rumors, Blake will propose to Gwen in front of the whole world. This idea surfaced after some comments made by one of their fellow coaches on The Voice, Alicia Keys. Entertainment tonight revealed that a video of The Voice’s coaches’ outtakes revealed that Gwen would like this idea.

“What about, like, a proposal on the show?” Alicia Keys asks. “Would that make you feel weird, Gwen?” Blake went on to ask Gwen during the conversation. The singer laughed while hearing this question. “That would be my dream come true!” she said. Maybe, a wedding will be coming in the near future when it comes to this couple.

It has been rumored for quite some time that Blake and Gwen plan on getting married and actually many reports claimed that the ceremony will definitely take place this year. However, that is not all. It has also been claimed that the producers of The Voice are very much in favor of this relationship because of the publicity that it can bring to the show.

Some reports this year claimed that the pair actually received “an exceptional bonus to keep the spark alive on-camera.” “[Blake and Gwen] are getting paid an exceptional bonus that is significantly higher than the other judges to keep the spark alive on-camera,” an insider said. “They are starting to film the promos next week and have already shot a couple of live spots,” the same source went on to add.

The source also explained that the producers actually asked Blake to propose to his girlfriend during filming and they are trying to convince the star to agree with this. “They want nothing more than for Blake to propose to Gwen during a taping of the show.” The producers allegedly also took some precautionary measures in case the two separate, asking them to sign some contracts binding them to remain in the show even in case of a split.

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