Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are dealing with Marital Problems

According to the latest rumors, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are dealing with some serious marital problems. The rumors are indicating that there may be two people to blame for this situation and they are Taylor Swift and Leonardo DiCaprio. 

So, a new report from GamenGuide has actually indicated that Ryan is blaming the actor and the famous singer for the problems in his marriage with Blake. The report went on to add that Ryan has actually cheated on his marriage by secretly hooking up with Morena Baccarin. Ryan and Morena have been working together at the latest movie Deadpool. 

The report said that Ryan considers that Taylor’s friendship with Blake is one of the main reasons why his marriage is falling apart. Ryan also considers that Leonardo DiCaprio has played a part in the problems that he and Blake are dealing with. Furthermore, Ryan is said to be very unhappy with Blake’s parenting skills. 

So, some insiders told the celebrity site that Ryan is very angry with Blake for spending more time with Taylor and her squad than with her family and her children. The source also revealed that the famous actor has “slammed” his wife “for her poor parenting skills” and for preferring to spend time with her friends rather than her children. 

The source went on to say that Blake is not only spending time with her friends, but also with Leonardo DiCaprio, whom she has been secretly seeing. The insiders claimed that Blake and Leo have remained close since they worked together. “There are even claims saying that Blake Lively still has feelings for Leonardo DiCaprio,” one source explained. 

Well, according to this report both Blake and Ryan have been cheating, as sources also said that Ryan has fallen for Morena and the two have been dating secretly. While the whole report seems quite difficult to believe, it is important to mention that the stars have not commented on the claims. However, this is not the first time when it has been said that Blake and Ryan are dealing with severe marital problems.

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