Blackout Super Bowl: Reasons Behind Power Outage

Super Bowl viewers were on the verge of losing their patience when an unexpected blackout caused them to sit in the dark for 34 minutes. The reasons behind the power outage remained unknown until the end of the game when the spokesperson of the Superdome explained that the power system was automatically shut down as a result of an “abnormality”, the Associated Press reveals.

The biggest sport event in the United States almost left fans speechless by the end of the Ravens – 49ers game. It wasn’t so much the tactics used by the players of the two teams, but rather the power outage which kept spectators at the Superdome and viewers at home in sheer darkness for 34 minutes. Fans didn’t seem to be bothered by the temporary blackout as they could, thus, practice the wave and refill their cups by the time the glitch was solved.

Organizers at the Superdome were the most disturbed by the incident. This was the first time the Super Bowl was held in New Orleans since 2002 and organizers wanted to prove that it has been completely rebuilt since Hurricane Katrina. The blackout was described by Mayor Mitch Landrieu as “an unfortunate moment in what has been an otherwise shining Super Bowl week for the city of New Orleans”. The mayor and the entire city of New Orleans have many reasons to regret the power outage during this Sunday’s Super Bowl. The event could have negative consequences on their decision to bid for the title game in 2018, the year when the Superdome will celebrate its 300th anniversary.

Two hours after the Super Bowl ended, organizers issued a press release explaining what might have caused the power outage. Although the reasons behind the blackout haven’t been completely disclosed, the spokesperson of the Superdome thinks an “abnormality” in the power system was responsible for the 34 minutes of darkness. Beyoncé’s halftime show featured extravagant lighting and video effects, which might have been responsible for the power outage, in the spokesperson’s opinion.

The San Francisco 49ers had many more reasons to be disturbed by the temporary glitch as they lost the game. However, the Baltimore Ravens think they would have obtained a better score than 34-31 if the power hadn’t run out.

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