BlackBerry Live 2013: What Should We Expect?

Tech analysts are getting ready for the second most intriguing mobile developer conference to take place this week, BlackBerry Live 2013. The event, which is due to take place on Tuesday, in Orlando, has raised many questions in relation to the subjects that BlackBerry could tackle, especially since the company made numerous changes since the beginning of the year.

BlackBerry, the Canadian telecommunication and wireless company, is making the final preparations for the Live 2013 event set to start on Tuesday, in Orlando. Analysts are all very curious to see what the company will announce at the event, considering that the Canadian manufacturer has been through numerous changes since the beginning of the year. BlackBerry abandoned its less popular name, Research In Motion, for the name of its flagship device and released a series of modern smartphones, such as, the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone and the BlackBerry Q10.

Reporters at Mashable have, nevertheless, managed to compile a list of possible subjects that could be tackled by BlackBerry during this year’s Live 2013 conference. In their opinion, the company could launch a BlackBerry 10.1 update that will bring many new options and features to the users. BlackBerry Q10 owners, who already have the 10.1 version of the software, can install Skype on their devices, but analysts expect something different for BlackBerry Z10.

Although there are no clear indicators in this sense, some reporters believe the company could finally launch the much-awaited low-budget version of BlackBerry 10, the R10 model. The company’s executive, Thorsten Heins declared in an interview released at the beginning of the year that a lower-priced BlackBerry phone will be launched by the end of the year. The R10 model, which some expect to see during this week’s Live 2013 event, will allegedly have the screen size and resolution of Q10, a smaller internal storage and a slower processor.

Among the previously mentioned subjects, analysts also expect the Canadian company to provide users with PlayBook updates for BlackBerry 10. Also, it would be great to see some new BlackBerry apps if the company wants to compete against well-established smartphone makers.

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