BlackBerry Launches sub-$200 Smartphone

There is no doubt in the fact that the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, is the moment of many new releases. BlackBerry also presented a new product at the event, launching a new smartphone that will cost less than $200. 

This revelation makes us realize that BlackBerry is also interested in releasing a cheaper phone for emerging markets. Actually, the latest tech event has been a moment during which many smartphone makers have shown interest in such markets. 

Well, BlackBerry was surely not expected to make such a release now. However, on Tuesday, the company unveiled a brand new smartphone, which is actually a very affordable device. The company hopes that with this release it will be able to win a series of new customers. 

To release the new device, BlackBerry has actually singed a deal with Foxconn, a partnership that has been announced last year in December. The new device was codenamed by BlackBerry, Jakarta. The company already announced that it will first be available in sale in April, in Indonesia. This means that the Indonesian market is the the first that BlackBerry targets with its new product. 

John Chen, BlackBerry’s new chief executive, presented the new phone at the Mobile World Congress. He also claimed that the smartphone released now will be available for purchase at less than $200, which surely is something quite impressive for this smartphone manufacturer. 

The new BlackBerry will be available in sale under the name of Z3. It is believed that the device will represent a great opportunity for the company in India, as well. So, the company might target the Indian market, too, where they claim to find unique development possibilities. 

“I think the Z3 with its features will be competitive in the Indian market at below $200,” John Chen claimed. 

When it comes to features, the BlackBerry that has just been revealed comes with a 5-inch display. It features longer lasting battery life, compared to its predecessor, too. No other mentions regarding the features of the new phone have been made now. 

However, it surely seems that BlackBerry is sure that the new device will be successful in emerging markets. If it will achieve the desired popularity or not is something we will discover in April, when it will become available for sale.

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