BlackBerry CEO to talk about Future Plans

The CEO of BlackBerry has recently decided to talk about the future plans of the company in an interview with CNET. John Chen actually shared a lot of interesting things during this interview.

The CEO of BlackBerry said that the company is working at the release of a new flagship, which they hope will be able to win over new customers. BlackBerry has faced many problems lately, being unable to make an important presence on the smartphone market. 

“There are some moments that are really great,” John Chen shared. “This is why there’s quite a bit of good chance for us to turn this thing around,” he added. 

BlackBerry has took the Mobile World Congress event to present no less than two new smartphone models. This is described by analysts as the first step that the company makes with the purpose to gain new customers and make a presence on a new market. 

BlackBerry decided to present at this event the budget-friendly BlackBerry Z3, as well as the BlackBerry Q20. While the Z3 is expected to be available in sale starting with the month of April, the BlackBerry Q20 will most likely hit markets only by the end of the year. 

So, it seems that BlackBerry has chosen to focus on a more affordable smartphone that will probably bring new customers for the company. Moreover, Chen said to launch another flagship product for the company in the near future. 

This made analysts believe that BlackBerry might have in plans the release of a new smartphone this year. However, Chen revealed nothing else on this matter. This is not the first time when a BlackBerry CEO teases about such a flagship product, but until now the previous releases have turned out being quite disappointing. 

Still, it is expected for the company to make a change now. It is expected for a new product to be released by BlackBerry, one that will bring an important change for the company. Meanwhile, BlackBerry is promoting its Q20, which the company announced at this latest tech event. Chen claimed that the big mistake that the company has made until now was to not educate the audience on the benefits that a BlackBerry phone has.

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