BlackBerry Bold 9900 gets great reviews

The first reviews of BlackBerry 9900 have started to show up and they are extremely good.  From the looks to the performance, the device is described as being cool and easy to use. Read below to see what exactly the reviews had to say about it and which features might lead you to the decision that you have to buy one for yourself.

The looks. BlackBerry Bold 9900 is, as its name says, pretty bold. It is very thin – 10.5 mm – and its components are made of real metal.  The design differs considerably from the previous BlackBerry models (Touch and Flip) and specialists believe that the BlackBerry fans will replace their old devices in no time with this new one.

The performance. Don’t think that BlackBerry Bold 990 is just about the looks. You couldn’t be more wrong. It has a powerful 1.2 GHz processor which makes a significant difference in comparison to the old models.  It has been highly optimized and given the ability to work more smoothly.  Its screen – 2.8 inch touchscreen at 287 ppi – even though not as performant as Apple’s iPhone, is of quite good quality. In addition to that, users don’t need to worry about using the phone too much as the battery. Research In Motion (RIM) went from a 1,500 mAh battery to a 1,200 mAh battery.

The bad reviews. There are always reasons to complain about something and BlackBerry Bold 990 is not perfect. Most users that have found something to complain about, have chosen the sound as their main cause of unsatisfaction. Plus, according to the website Fudzilla, the price originally announced for the device could actually be higher.

BlackBerry Bold 990 will be available to all US consumers starting August 31. FoneHome rises the question that RIM and Apple may be already struggling with: what will happen when the iPhone 5 will be released, just five days after the release of the Bold 9900?

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  1. I’ve used this phone, and as a comparison to the iPhone 4S, its up there. The screen resolution and social networking apps are top quality. The only thing making the iPhone better in my eyes is Siri, the 8MP Camera and the iOS5 software (the speed of it)

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