Black Friday victim: Walmart DVD stand

The shopping spree on Black Friday had some casualties, first victim a WalMart Dvd display stand. The sales hit a new record as online purchases alone rose by 24.3%. The in store sales were, though, an entire different story.

Lots of people decided, for this Black Friday, to stay clear of the online sales which in previous years led to sold outs in a matter of minutes and chose to use the cash earned throughout the year on location in regional stores.

It seems like this option wasn’t the best one after all, since YouTube is getting overloaded with videos depicting the mayhem which took place in most of the stores offering discounts for Black Friday. The videos depicting the chaos created by the people inside big box stores are going viral.

On Friday people were disputing over the least significant discounts as shoppers were fought over $2 worth waffle makers. On Saturday the Walmart store in Mesquite, Texas was invaded, the shoppers inside being hardly able to move around. Packed people nearby a DVD/video games stand ripped apart the display which read “$10 while the supplies last”. The store become a true mayhem when deal hunting shoppers assaulted the stand without much care to the shouts of the Walmart employees or the screams of the people pushed away of their way.

A video presents the whereabouts of the stand as well as the people packed around it. The footage culminates with a scene depicting a woman being literally run over by those around her, including a young man climbing on top of her collapsed body in an attempt to reach the stand. The video is entitled “Black Friday Walmart 11/24/11” intending to place the events on the night of the Thanksgiving night as many Walmart stores were open early for the Black Friday sales.


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