Blac Chyna Not looking for a Relationship

Apparently, the separation from Rob Kardashian has not been simple for Blac Chyna. The star allegedly claimed that she is not interested in dating at the moment. Moreover, she revealed that when she will be ready for a relationship once again, she wants to date a very special man.

So, during a recent interview with US Weekly, Blac Chyna said that she is not going to date in the near future. However, the star claimed that when that moment will come, she knows perfectly well what type of person she wants to date. So, it surely seems that Chyna has in mind the characteristics of an ideal partner, and that is not even close to Rob Kardashian.

“I would like somebody confident, who takes care of his business, is strong, healthy,” she said. “Somebody that loves their family and treats their friends right-and treats me right,” Chyna explained. Of course, Chyna also made some comments aimed at targeting Rob. She said that one of the most important things for her in a relationship is respect. So, the star revealed that she wants to date somebody who respects her.

“Once respect comes, then loves come and when love comes, a really healthy relationship comes,” Chyna added. Chyna also revealed that some of the best relationships are the ones that start as friendships and then evolve into something more. The star also claimed that friendship is the most important thing in a relationship, and advised everyone to seek help if the need arises.

Well, although things don’t look great for Chyna now, this does not mean that the star is not seeing a future with a special man. In fact, Chyna claimed that she wishes she would have more children in the future with whoever will be her partner. She claimed that she would like to have two more children. “I wouldn’t mind having four. I think four is a good number. No more after that. Five is too many. I’d have to get a minivan for sure, and I’m not riding in no minivan,” she explained. Chyna is already a mom to daughter Dream, with Rob Kardashian, and son King, with Tyga.

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