Billy Ray Cyrus to Release New Hip Hop Remix

If his daughter Miley can easily shock with her choices, we can definitely say the same thing about Billy Ray Cyrus. The singer just released a new hip hop remix of his Achy Breaky Heart song. 

The music video comes with an introduction by Larry King, such as a breaking news segment. The legendary Larry King says that an unidentified flying object has been seen over Kentucky. 

The song is named Achy Breaky 2 and was released in collaboration with Buck 22. The rapper and Billy Ray Cyrus can be seen in the video for the new hip hop remix surrounded by many female aliens, as it all happens in a spacecraft, where Cyrus is taken after being abducted to attend the party. 

Cyrus plays his song surrounded by nearly nude female aliens, who are dancing on his music. Rapper Buck 22 is also abducted onto the spacecraft, the star claiming that “it happened ‘cause I happened to meet up with Billy Cyrus.” 

The song even makes a mention to a wrecking ball, naturally making the connection to Cyrus’ star daughter, Miley. Moreover, Buck 22 raps about Miley in this song. “Miley keeps twerking, daddy’s song is working, now Billy sing that crazy hook again,” Buck 22 says. It has actually even been claimed that Cyrus released this project to make his daughter realize that she is not on the right path. 

Achy Breaky Heart was first released in 1992, the country song being quite a success for Billy Ray Cyrus. Well, it seems that the star felt the need to release this song once again, in a slightly changed version. 

Actually, Buck 22 claimed that he approached Billy Ray with this new project in mind. The rapper said that he asked the country star to allow him to release a remaking of the hit. Buck 22 said that Cyrus liked what he heard, so he agreed to record this new track with the talented rapper. 

The music video for the new song was released on February 11. In just 24 hours the song registered no less than half a million views, which is surely something absolutely impressive. Still, reviews from fans seem to not be that positive.

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