Billy Joel, Rihanna Join Hands Against Pandora Media Inc

Numerous stars including Billy Joel, Rihanna and Missy Elliott have joined hands against the online music company, Pandora Media Inc. The interpreters have signed an open letter asking the company to give up its new plan of changing artists’ online means of compensation, according to Reuters.

Pandora Media Inc. is making efforts to determine lawmakers in U.S. Congress to adopt the “Internet Radio Fairness Act” in order to change the way royalties are paid to international artists. The news upset numerous singers including Billy Joel, Rihanna and Missy Elliott. They have all agreed to compose an open letter against the online music company and determine them to leave things as they are.

The fees that the new act will practice are a lot smaller than the current ones, according to the declaration of the 125 artists who reacted against Pandora’s request. They have stated in the open letter that the amount of money they normally get when their songs are played on the Internet would be diminished by 85 percent.

The letter, which will be published on this weekend’s issue of Billboard, claims Pandora’s request is not fair, especially since there is a partnership between them and the singers. What’s more important, the artists fail to see the company’s interest in the matter. “Why is the company asking Congress once again to step in and gut the royalties that thousands of musicians rely upon?” was their main question. Numerous other nonprofit organizations and coalitions have taken sides with artists and published the open letter on their websites.

Pandora Media Inc., on the other hand, did not care to provide its artists with an explanation for their initiative. Tim Westergren, Pandora’s founder and chief strategy officer, agreed that the company and the artists whose music is played on the radio should both have a say on the matter, but refused to take singers’ view into account. He tried to justify the “Internet Radio Fairness Act” by promising interpreters that it will bring benefits to all artists, be they small or big.

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