Bill Gates Displeased With Microsoft’s Recent Changes

During a recent interview with CBS reporters, Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft Corp, declared himself somewhat displeased with the changes that the software company has enacted in the past months. In his opinion, there are many other modifications that the current CEO of the company needs to perform in order to place Microsoft on a leading position in all major domains, CNET News relates.

Bill Gates has given up most of his responsibilities at Microsoft Corp., the company he founded in 1975 with his friend and partner, Paul Allen. In spite of the small role he covers within the company, Bill Gates confessed during a recent interview that he continues to be preoccupied by the evolution of the software company. In fact, he has always paid close attention to the decisions that the current CEO Steve Ballmer has made.

In his opinion, Microsoft has known a great period during these past years in which Steve Ballmer has had the leadership of the company. However, Gates considers there could have been many more innovations performed within the company, so he was rather displeased with the new products that have been released by Microsoft.

The co-founder of the multinational corporation rhetorically asked whether the products and services introduced in the past years were enough for the progress of the company. He agreed that Windows 8 and the new Surface tablet have helped Microsoft keep up with the evolution of the market, but there are many areas that remain uncovered.

Both Gates and Ballmer think Microsoft needs to get a share of the smartphone market as soon as possible in order to compete with the rest of the companies. Quarterly reports show that Microsoft is clearly a few steps behind Apple and Samsung because it only has 2.4 percent of the smartphone sector.

Bill Gates concluded his interview by adding that the way Microsoft approached the domain of cell phones was a mistake as it did not allow the company to become a leader. Yet, he was not very interested in finding a solution for the company as Gates is now focused on promoting his philanthropic works with the help of the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation.

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