Bill and Melinda Gates Reunite for Daughter Jennifer’s Wedding

Family celebrations for the whole family! Bill Gates and Melinda Gates attended their daughter’s wedding five years after they quit.

The eldest daughter, Jennifer, married equestrian Nayel Nassar in the upstate of New York on Saturday, October 16, after their engagement in January. The photos were obtained from The New York Post, the tech-savvy 65-year-old and the 57-year old philanthropist were with the bride’s 25-year-old when she was walking through the aisle.

Jennifer and the 30-year-old professional were said to have exchanged vows twice, first during an Islamic Muslim ceremony on October 15, 2015, on Friday and then on Saturday’s traditional wedding.

The wedding was the first wedding in which Bill and Melinda had a photo taken together following the announcement of their split in May. Together with Jennifer and their the same son Rory who is 22, and daughter Phoebe who is 18.

“After a great deal of thought and a lot of work on our relationship, we have made the decision to end our marriage,” the Gates Foundation cofounders noted in an announcement on Twitter at the moment. “Over the past 27 years, we’ve created three wonderful children and created an organization that operates around the world to empower everyone to live healthy, productive lives. We have a faith in the goal and will continue to partnership at the foundation, however, we have no longer believed that we will be able to grow as a couple during this next stage in our life.”

DailyGossip has since confirmed that the couple did not have a prenuptial agreement signed when they filed for divorce. The divorce proceedings were declared final in August, just after that the Road Ahead author announced his divorce.

“[It was] definitely a very sad milestone … and Melinda’s a great person and that partnership that we had coming to an end is a source of great personal sadness,” the Washington native was quoted by CNN on August. “We are communicating and working at the foundation and so that partnership we’re going to try and continue.”

The ex-couples founded their own charity in 2000, and since then it has been one of the most effective non-profits worldwide. As they work to maintain their new professional relationships it will be an initial two-year period of trial to determine if they are able to continue to work together.

“Melinda has amazing strengths that she can bring to the foundation to be stronger. We always had a great time working as a team,” Bill told CNN. “You know, [the] two of us can go out work with leaders and help build the organization so, you know, that would be definitely the best thing for the foundation.”

Prior to her wedding day, Jennifer briefly opened up about how her family was moving forward in the wake of the split between her parents.

“Hi fellow friends. You’ve probably been informed that my parents have separated. It’s been a very difficult period of time for my entire family. I’m still learning how I can best assist my own personal journey and feelings as and my loved ones during this moment and am thankful for the space in which to be able to do that,” she wrote via Instagram Stories in May. “I will not personally speak regarding divorce, however, please be aware that your thoughtful words and your support are priceless to me. We appreciate your understanding of the need to be in privacy as we move through the next phase in our life.”

Via US Magazine

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