“Big Bang Theory”, The Most Popular Show on CBS

CBS announced on Tuesday that the “Big Bang Theory” has become one of their most popular shows. The series registered a new record last week when 17.6 million viewers chose their sitcom to the detriment of other similar shows.

Geek humor may not appeal to everyone, but it certainly seems to make a hit among most CBS viewers, according to the recent statistics they have published. The network company claims the Thursday sitcom was watched by 17.6 million people last week and its popularity was only exceeded by NBC’s Sunday night football game.

The story of the four nerds working at the technology institute, the aspiring actress and their friends has gradually conquered the hearts of American viewers. Even though the sitcom has been running for more than six years, it was only last week that the “Big Bang Theory” reached the highest peak of popularity. CBS’ decision to broadcast the show during night time is one of the main factors that have contributed to its increased ratings. However, the reruns on TBS seem to enjoy more or less the same popularity determining many more people to take a look at the original episodes.

“Big Bang Theory” is not the only program that seems to trigger CBS viewers’ curiosity. The network company has registered high ratings for most of the shows that were broadcast last week. CBS’ shows have occupied 8 out of 10 positions in the ratings chart, whereas ABC’s “Modern Family” and “Castle” were the other 2 productions that made it in top 10. Thus, CBA averaged 10.7 million viewers in prime-time, being closely followed by ABC with 8.1 million and NBC with 7 million.

At the opposite end, the less viewed show during the recently ended week was “Mankind” which is usually aired by the History network. The first episode of the show was viewed only by 2.1 million viewers last week, based on reports.

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