Big Bang Theory Simon Helberg Is A Dad

Many of those watching “The Big Bang Theory” have a hard time trying to picture the actors playing the quirky quartet of scientists out of costume and makeup. I bet you there still are some fans that are amazed by Howard getting Bernadette to marry him. But, wait till you hear this: the actor behind Howard has a smoking hot wife and as of May 8th, Simon Helberg is a dad.

On May 8th, Simon Helberg became a dad for the first time. He and his beautiful wife Jocelyn Towne welcomed baby daughter Adeline. The happy news was confirmed by his rep for Us Weekly. A close source told Us Weekly that “the family is thrilled” and “Simon is excited to be a father – he’s been doing his reading”.

Simon Helberg and Jocelyn Towne met in Los Angeles, California. Soon after that the two of them got married in 2007. Some five years later, in January 2012, Simon Helberg of “The Big Bang Theory” was announcing he is preparing to become a first time dad.

Reports were hinting to something big ever since November 2011, when Simon Helberg spent $2.9 million to buy a Mediterranean mansion in Los Feliz. Fun fact, the mansion was once Charlie Sheen’s home.

It looks like for both Simon Helberg and Howard Wolowitz the road to adulthood has begun. During last week’s “Big Bang Theory” season finale, Howard ties the knot with his fiancée Bernadette Rostenkowski and is launched into outer space, despite his attempts to cancel the adventure.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the 31-year-old actor talked about Howard’s marriage with Bernadette and his character’s life in the series. It looks like Howard is at a milestone in his life. Before his launching into outer space, he almost calls Bernadette “Ma” for a few times and tries hard to get the mission canceled for good. Unsuccessfully that is.

 “It seems like it built up pretty evenly and naturally” begins Helberg his explanation. “You start to see, wait a second, even though he’s married, the dynamic has not completely shifted yet. He’s not grown up. He’s still with his mother. He still needs these guys to hang out with”.

For the next “Big Bang Theory”, Simon Helberg hints it will be an insight in young nerds’ married life.

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